xRM – What’s That?

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Hi folks,

You might come across the xRM in recent past several times and be confused whats the term xRM really means.Here is a little brief about xRM – Cousine of CRM

xRM (Anything Relationship Management) is the natural evolution of CRM (Customer Relationship Management). In today’s dynamic business environment companies demand the ability to manage anything (X=anything), not simply relationships with customers. Microsoft CRM sits on the .NET platform and because of that, it is much more than a traditional CRM product. Instead, a better way to think of Microsoft CRM is as a rapid development application with out of the box CRM functionality, capable of instantly leveraging the .NET platform, and a vast array of Microsoft applications.

The purpose of xRM.com is to provide you with valuable information on Microsoft CRM and the .NET platform, and to show you how they can best be leveraged in the day-to-day running of your business. At xRM.com we believe that Education, Platform selection, Strategy, and leveraging the Microsoft choice model are the keys to success.

What’s in a Name: xRM

Ever wondered what exactly makes up a name? We are all familiar with the quote from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet “A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. I do have great respect for Shakespeare and his writings but I disagree with him on this. Names are not just meanings they have identities. In general we have an association to certain names for certain things or even people. As an individual we all have different names associated to different things eg: daughter, wife, mother, aunt. A name eventually develops meaning, character and history. So getting a dozen “odorsnouts” does not give you the same feeling as getting a dozen “Roses”.

What am I getting at you might ask? xRM.com has been around for a bit and has its own identity and we would like to share that with you so you know the meaning and the history behind it.



The box really goes well with the software/hardware industry and with the addition of the Brightness in the middle adds the “light going on” and “thinking” concept in a very subtle way. The flexibility added to the sides of the square give the notion of thinking outside the box in a sense that it’s expanding and going to explode. The idea of “flexibility” is enforced and the concept of “expanding boundaries” and “growth” are conveyed. There are a lot of logos that use a square framing, but the angle of this one gives it a unique twist along with the added notion of movement. The logo is serious, but friendly at the same time. It gives the impression that xRM is not out of reach and too intimidating to approach!

This logo is much more abstract in terms of the ideas behind it, but I think that’s a good thing. People can make their own interpretations and it’s safe enough that no negative association can be connected to it.


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