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Ever thought of using CRM to manage relationship other than customers? If so you already using xRM to manage your relations.

At xrm.com and Streamline Solutions we want to understand every aspect of your business. Doing so will allow us to offer you the best products and strategy. Every business has its unique set of challenges and strengths that we seek to build on. We work with clients in a broad range of industries—from entertainment and government to finance and manufacturing. Below are some “snapshots” which detail our expertise in a variety of settings.

Entertainment—From post-production to television distribution, this industry is rife with complex tracking and operational needs that are best served by a unified solution. Streamline Solutions has created a number of high-profile, very effective implementations that have dramatically increased the efficiency and operational method of some major corporations.

Manufacturing—This industry has a unique set of problems relating to efficiency and profitability. Streamline Solutions has been able to change the way companies do business by deploying highly efficient, customized dashboards presenting data contained in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. As in all industries, the relationship between customer and company is important, but so is the relationship between product and sales. Effectively managing those very relationships is what it’s all about.

Finance—As we enter uncharted territory in the way our financial sector is run and managed, the need for a full-featured, reliable platform that can provide the highest levels of accountability, performance, and intelligent data mining becomes greater. For those companies that need a true understanding of the data they possess, no solution is better than Microsoft’s .NET platform in combination with Microsoft CRM. At xrm.com and Streamline Solutions, we believe that tethering a business to this fully-integrated and developed platform in uncertain times is a smart business move.

Government—Companies that win large contracts from federal and state governments often face having to fulfill complex and demanding reporting requirements that sometimes resemble mountains of minutiae. To address this, Streamline Solutions has provided completely customized solutions which are underpinned by the Microsoft platform. They offer ease-of-use and scalability, and most importantly, help companies meet those difficult conditions.

Cheers and happy xRM’ing.


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