CRM Solutions Made Easy for Financial Institutions

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Hi Guys,

AS i have mentioned in my earlier posts, Dynamics CRM solutions for financial vertical is provided by Galeforce Solutions. Good news is that it is now available in SaaS mode.

Looking for an alternative to high-priced, money-down CRM software?
Consider a more flexible, on-demand approach. Software as a Service
(SaaS) is a pay-as-you go software model that many small and midsized companies are choosing for its agility and speed.

In order to give SaaS options to our clients, NetStandard has signed an agreement with GaleForce, an award-winning SaaS provider who delivers Microsoft-based CRM software. With people trained in the Galeforce and SaaS environments, NetStandard is poised to provide CRM for the financial services sector.
While we can deliver either approach—typical licensing or Software as a Service—most people aren’t yet aware of the advantages of SaaS, so here’s a quick rundown.

SaaS is delivered to your business via a VPN-type connection to our servers. In other words, the software is being pumped directly from NetStandard’s secure environment, through a customized connection, to your company. Entry level service is $110 per user per month. Contrast this with paying $10,000 up front to own the rights to a software package. With SaaS, the entry cost is low, rather than a huge up-front investment. If process engineering or customization is necessary, they’re added as hourly services.

A second consideration is the low total cost of ownership. With the SaaS approach, you’ll get just the software you’ll need, finely tuned for your environment. That means there’s no need to train your staff in multiple areas like emailing, Microsoft CRM, imaging, etc. Since SaaS is highly customizable, you’ll avoid the additional knowledge requirements that cause costs to rise.

A third factor in favor of SaaS is that it will be run for you from NetStandard’s secure environment by people who are experts with the software. As of today, we’ve had our SaaS environment up and running for over a year and three months, and have people ready to endorse its reliability and speed. Obviously, we have a vested interest in keeping your software up at all times. If we don’t, you’ll fire us!

Finally, with SaaS there’s a much lower overall risk. You don’t install it on your machines. You simply allow us to remotely integrate the software with what you’re already doing. At the same time, you’re drawing from the strengths of NetStandard’s environment. Not many businesses can afford the redundant power grids, network connections, and cooling facilities we provide to make sure your software keeps running at peak efficiency.

Are there potential challenges with SaaS?

The primary issue is whether you’re comfortable letting go of organizational control. Are you willing to let a vendor (NetStandard) run your systems for you? Of course, when you buy software licenses, you still depend on a vendor. With the SaaS model, we can deliver all the capabilities you need, but avoid the up-front expense. And while it’s true that our team will be running your software, we’ll also take care of security, troubleshooting, and integration—the usual time-consuming obstacles.

One other thing to keep in mind: NetStandard can advise you on best practices within the SaaS framework, but as with traditional software licensing, you’ll still need to define processes for your company.
SaaS is an agile, on-demand solution, but great SaaS can’t replace consistent data cleanup and processes. It’s designed to enhance and accommodate your workflow—which will need to be predefined.

That’s the big picture! At this point, you’re on your way to understanding the potential of Software as a Service. If you’re looking for an alternative to one-and-done licensing, be sure to contact us with your questions.


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