More Than 8 Tabs on a Microsoft CRM Form

April 28, 2009 at 2:40 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

Attempting to get the most use out of business unit or security role specific tabs usually depends on being able to manage a tab or in some cases a ‘section’ for each group. The main risk usually here is that A) It often gets confusing managing all the forms scripting when each business unit or security role has its own section or tab, and B) there is a limitation in Microsoft CRM 1.x, 3.0 and 4.0 (5.0 will likely be the same).

For those of you who are willing to take this risk, it’s important to understand that the following change is not supported by Microsoft, and when you upgrade from your current version (5.0 is right around the corner) below is a method for getting around the 8 tab per form limit. It is noteworthy to say that during the imminent upgrade, you will likely have to take the sections on tabs 9-x and for the purposes of your upgrade, you will have to take each section on your form and double click on it to temporarily move that section to a tab 1-8 (actually it’s 0-7), and post-upgrade you may be able to re-apply the below and still have more than 8 tabs.

One more thing, it has been noted by Dynamics design team that there was no noteworthy reason to have the 8 tab limitation, but just as noteworthy that your unsupported change will indeed cause issues if you do not reduce your max tabs down to 8 before attempting an upgrade.

In: C:\Program Files\Microsoft CRM Server\CRMWeb\Tools\FormEditor find your formeditor.aspx and select “edit.” Find the JavaScript variable “_iMaxTabs” and notice that it is set to 8. Change the value to your desired limitation, save and close, reset IIS and you should then be able to create the additional tabs needed from within the forms customization area.

Happy CRM’ing!!!


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