Mapping Lead Fields to Accounts and Opportunities

April 8, 2009 at 3:43 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

I had a request today to expose a new field in the Lead form of CRM which had to be a look-up field to Contacts.
This field needed to be called “Referred By”, so you could choose a contact that referred the Lead. There was obviously the need to then see that field when you qualify the Lead to an Account and an Opportunity. The process isn’t particularly hard, but it’s a nice one to use.

1. Create a new N:1 Relationship in the lead entity to Contact, and call it “Referred By”

2.Make sure the ‘Type’ is ‘Look-up’ and the Display Option is set to ‘Do Not Display’

3.Save and close

4. In ‘Forms and Views’ Choose Form (‘The Main Application Form’)

5. Add the field you created earlier (Referred By) on to the form.

6. Publish.

7. Create a new N:1 Relationship in the Account and Opportunity Entities using the same steps as above. Use the same name, and the related entity has to be ‘Contact’ in both cases.

8. Reveal these fields in the Account Form and the Opportunity Form.
We now have to map the field from the Lead form to the Account and Opportunity form, so that the data that is recorded in the lead form is copied across to Account and Opportunity when the Lead is converted.

9. Go back to the Lead Entity in Settings > Customise Entities.

10. Choose 1:N Relationships.

11. Under the ‘Type’ drop down, choose ‘Mappable’, this should show 3 lines.

12. Choose the Line with the related Entity ‘Account’

13. Click ‘Mappings’ under information and choose ‘New’

14. In the Source Entity Attributes, choose the ‘Referred By’ Attribute you created earlier.

15. In the Target Entity Attributes, choose the ‘Referred By’ Attribute you created earlier in the Account Entity.

16. Click OK

17. Click Save and Close

Follow this same process for the related entity ‘Opportunity’.

Publish The Lead,Account and Opportunity Entities.

You can now test it by creating a test Lead and qualifying it to an account,Contact and Opportunity.

Of course you can do the same with anything you want to in a Lead form, and I’ve done similar with a variety of tick-boxes for clients which highlight a Leads areas of interest. When these are mapped through to Account and Opportunity, you can then specifically Market to Accounts or Opportunities with a certain interest.

Have fun.


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