a new look for the word processing in line Zoho Writer

March 20, 2009 at 5:06 pm | Posted in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 | Leave a comment

Technology – Zoho, the office automation continuation on line launches the second grinding of its data-processing software. Its principal innovation: a systme donglets for accder more easily with the diffrentes options. A procd that lutilisator starts well to know since Office 2007.

Exit the sempiternal menus, the fashion is with the mitres! The data-processing software in line free Zoho Writer, competitor of solutions like Google Document or D `Office Live remakes a beaut with its version 2 and one interface bases on mitres. This systme, dj prsent in many software, makes it possible to classify the diffrentes options by spots so D `to increase the intuitivit. For Zoho Writer C `is the addition of news fonctionnalits which returned this passage to the mitres ncessaire. This systme as well has T addition on the online version or off line of the software.

The menus taient, indeed, surchargs D `options. With final, the new interface has a sacr air of resemblance to the software of the continuation Office 2007, in particular Word. For the remainder, the data-processing software does not move. One finds the list of the documents on the left and by clicking on the one D `between them, it S `posts in the principal fentre.

In addition to this data-processing software, the office automation continuation of Zoho proposes prs of 20 applications. For the majority this software in lines is free. However certain modules destinies clearly a professional use ncessitent a paying subscription. There is little, Zoho has Mrs. addition an option of CRM (management of the client relationship) transverse its applications.

In comparison Google Docs, one finds much more D `options (modles, police forces and margins for the word processing, or graphs for the spreadsheet) rserves a public dj more informed. (Eureka Press)


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