Its Time to Compare Salesforce.Com VS MSCRM 4.0

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Hi Folks,


  As most of my freinds and collegues are hearing a lot about SaaS buzz and the impact of on MSCRM, I have done a comparitive study over both of them and given this findings in an unbiased manner.

Before that a littel Introduction about’s rise to prominence within the CRM industry has been a study in the meteoric rise from small start-up to globe-trotting goliath. Originally started in 1999 by a former Oracle executive (Marc Benioff), Salesforce today boasts revenues of nearly $750 million and a large market share in the on-demand segment of the CRM spectrum. Many observers feels that Salesforce’s on-demand, Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings are the wave of the future when it comes to CRM. Microsoft has recognized the desire by some organizations for this type of implementation and team CRM Dev team at Microsoft has responded with features that rival with the latest edition of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

 While it would be easy to dismiss our analysis of the pros and cons of -v- Dynamics CRM 4.0 as simple “propaganda” from over-zealous Gold-Ceritifed Microsoft partners, the cold-hard facts do not have any bias. The product from has a number of limitations, and the limitations of have become increasingly glaring, especially since the release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0. The goal of this blog is to give an even handed look at the main differences between these two competing systems. As stated above, while we are Microsoft Gold Certified Partners, we do believe in advising our clients of ALL their options…Here is a look at VS MSCRM 4.0:



MSCRM: On-Demand, On-Premise and Partner Hosted Available.

COST Group Edition (5 users): $1,200/month , Unlimited Edition: $195 per user/month, Enterprise Edition: $125 per user/month, Standard Edition: $65 per user/month

MSCRM: CRM Live Professional Plus Edition: $59 per user/month, CRM Live Professional Edition: $44 per user/month. ((Keep in mind that there are On-Premise and Partner-Hosted solutions available as well. Also, the primary difference between Professional Plus and Professional is the ability to use offline access. It is is included with Professional Plus, but not with Professional.))

INTERFACE: Web Based Access Only

MSCRM: Web Based Access AND Native Access Through Microsoft Office Outlook

OFF-LINE ACCESS Only available in Unlimited and Enterpise Editions

MSCRM: Included via the Microsoft Office Outlook Client (for CRM Live Professional Plus, Partner-Hosted and On-Premise Installations)

DATABASES No Dedicated Database. Storage limited to 1GB or 120MB/user for all versions.

MSCRM: Dedicated Databases. Storage varies from 20GB to 5GB depending on installation

WEB SERVICES INTEGRATION Only Available in Unlimited and Enterprise Editions

MSCRM: Supported by ALL versions.

SECURITY ISSUES: Salesforce has tried to keep this under wraps, but in November 2007 Salesforce’s databases were infiltrated as a result of a phishing scam on a Salesforce employee. There is no way to know how much customer data was compromised, as the company has been tight-lipped about the leak, but the compromised accounts were used in subsequent “spear phishing” attacks on Bank of America and other Salesforce customers. The company has not revealed whether any financial damage was done as a result of the attack and has remainded mum when pressed for details. This is an inherent problem with; as much as the company attempts to secure their data, ALL of their customer data is available in one easy location for unscrupulous hackers to obtain.

MSCRM: Decentralized Data Storage. With Salesforce, one attack exposed every customer to a potential security threat. With the variety of installations available for MSCRM, there can be a higher degree of concern placed upon security. Integrate into your existing security framework via On-Premise solutions, or be certain of security on the web via HTTPS access and Windows Live ID sign ins.


I personally feel if u have budget and technical staff you can go for MSCRM as of now, Salesforce has to do a lot to catch up with MSCRM .


 Expecting your comments guys.


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